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What's New Ver. 3.5 (f)
  1. In User Profile, following provisions have been made:

    • Multiple voucher series can be allocated to a User.
    • Configurable back-dated entries control. You can fully restrict the back-dated entries or can specify separate back-dated entry days for each series of every voucher type.
    • Option to restrict User from taking data backup.
    • Masters Control can be applied for individual Users. Till now, it could be applied with voucher series(s) only.
    • In User Preferences, provision made to configure sub-menus of Administration --> Utilities option.
  2. Nepali Date implemented. Now, a User can choose either Nepali or Roman date system for data feeding.
  3. Nepali VAT implemented. Following provisions have been made for the same:

    • VAT Registers, Sales Registers, Purchase Registers, VAT Accounts as per Nepali VAT formats.
    • Sale / Purchase Type Master changed to take care of Nepali VAT Reports.
    • Standard Invoice format as per Nepali VAT.
  4. In Client-Server mode, provision made to take backup of single financial year also.
  5. In Features / Options --> POS tab, provision made to opt for either Simple or Composite Barcode type. With Simple option, only Item Name can be read from the Barcodes whereas with Composite option, other Item components such as quantity, unit, price and so on can be read from the Barcode. Users can define multiple formats for Composite Barcode structures and tag them to Item Groups.
  6. In Item Barcode Printing Add-On, provision made to print Barcode for Composite Barcodes (containing multiple data fields). This option would be available when Barcodes are printed from Excel sheet.
  7. For U.P. state, provision made to specify the type of dealer (Regular or Samadhan) and Tax Rate % for Samadhan dealers in Features / Option --> Sales Tax & VAT tab. For the ‘Samadhan’ type of dealers, two reports UP VAT XXIV A and Tax Computation added under U.P. VAT Reports.
  8. Voucher Template Tagging utility added in Bulk Updation & Voucher Template utilities to tag voucher templates to different Masters (Voucher Series, Sale / Purchase Type, Party, Party Group). With this utility the relevant voucher information (Header, Items, Bill Sundries) can automatically be loaded at the time of voucher entry from the voucher template tagged to the Masters selected in the voucher.
  9. Option provided to freeze data either fully or partially. With partial freezing, you can specify separate freezing date for individual voucher types and series. Also provision made to freeze the Opening Balances of Accounts & Items.
  10. Voucher Numbering reports added in MIS Reports to check blank, duplicate, missing or un-sequenced voucher numbers.
  11. In Sale / Purchase Type Master, a new field Skip in VAT/CST Report provided. Transactions having Sale / Purchase Type in which this field is set to ‘Y’ will be skipped in all VAT/CST reports. This feature can be used for generating Service Invoices.
  12. Provision made to skip Item Quantity, Unit and Price in Inventory vouchers. This feature can be enabled through Administration --> Configuration --> Vouchers Configuration option. This feature again can be used for generation of Service Invoices.
  13. While entering Sales, Sales Return or Purchase Return voucher for Trading Excise, the RG-23D Adjustment Details window will pop up immediately after entering the Item quantity. Till now, this window was being popped up at the time of saving the voucher.
  14. Stock Status Columnar Report implemented to view / print Material Centre-wise Item Stock Details in a single row.
  15. Provision made to print User Name, Date and Time of printing in print reports.
  16. POS Summary and POS Settlement Details reports added in Account Summaries.
  17. U.P. Form-I implemented.
  18. Andhra Pradesh VAT Registers 226A, 226B, 227A, 227B and 228A implemented. For this purpose a new field Type of Dealer is added in Account Master.
  19. Generic VAT registers reframed to take care of VAT Surcharge.
  20. Gujarat VAT reports reframed to take care of VAT Surcharge.
  21. Provision made to create multiple formats for the Columnar Sales / Purchase Analysis report. Also option provided to configure report for either Items or Item Groups.
  22. A new report Item Tax Rate-wise Summary added in Sales Tax & VAT Reports section. This report will generate summary of Op. Stock, Purchase, Sales and Closing stock of Items clubbed on the basis of rate of tax.
  1. In case of countries other than India, demo period increased to 90 days instead of 30 days.
  2. Now Company Code will also be shown along with the company name and financial year in the label that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Excise, Service Tax and TDS tabs are disabled for countries other than India.
  4. A few Service Tax Categories added.
  5. Warning Alarms can be configured for Budgets also.
  6. In Administration --> Configuration menu, name of ‘Columnar Account Books’ menu has been changed to ‘Columnar Reports’. Also option to configure Columnar Sales / Purchase Analysis report has been shifted to this menu itself.
  7. In Data Export / Import (XML) utility, option provided to export transactions without exporting the relevant Masters (Masters used in the vouchers being exported). This option will be useful if the company in which the data is being imported would already have the required Masters. This has been done to improve the speed of the export process.
  8. If the country being selected is other than India, then ST Form Master, Forms Received / Issued Voucher and other ST Forms related reports would not appear. In simple words, no Masters, transactions or reports related to ST Forms will appear.
  9. In Account and Items list, provision made for simple listing. Till now only configurable listing was available which would take a lot of time in report generation.
  10. Sale / Purchase Type Master reframed for countries other than India. Options in Sale / Purchase Type Master will appear according to the country selected.
  11. Account, Sale / Purchase Type and Bill Sundry Master will be created as per the country selected at the time of creation of the company.
  12. In Form Issued / Received vouchers, provision made to generate the voucher list for a particular Party / Form or any other combination of Party & Form.
  13. Till now, if the option of Bill Sundry Narration was enabled then Bill Sundry information was being printed in condensed mode in Standard Invoice printing. Now if any Bill Sundry Narration is entered in the voucher, only then the Bill Sundry information will be printed in Condensed mode; otherwise it will be printed in Normal mode.
  14. Till now Master Controls (Option to allow / disallow specified Masters) were being applied at the time of voucher saving. Now these controls will be applied at the time of selecting the Master during the voucher entry.
  15. In Masters Controls, now separate controls can be applied for Debit and Credit accounts in case of Accounting vouchers and for Items Consumed and Items Generated in case of Production and Unassemble vouchers.
  16. In Masters Controls, while allowing a Master, provision has been made to apply control within parent group of the Master.
  17. Format of Account Ledger has been changed to consume lesser paper space.
  18. In Display --> Account Ledger, provision has been made to show full voucher details.
  19. In Balance Sheet, option provided to view the bifurcation of the main Account Groups that appear in the report.
  20. In Trial Balance --> Opening / Closing Alphabetical --> Detailed report, option provided to view / print the debit / credit aspect of the opening / closing balance in separate columns.
  21. In Consolidated Trial Balance and Stock Status reports, the option Show Moved Items / Accounts Only has been removed. In place of it, a new option, Show Zero Balance Item / Account has been added.
  22. In Account Books, vouchers were not being shown in order of voucher numbers. Now they will be shown in the order of voucher number.
  23. In Client-Server mode, if the no. of Item Groups were large, then Stock Status Grouped with Value of Items report was taking a lot of time. Now the speed of the report has been considerably improved.
  24. In generic VAT Registers, provision made to print Separate Billing Details.
  25. In Party-wise VAT Summary, on pressing <Enter> key, a report displaying details of individual party was being displayed but there was no provision to print this report. Now provision made to print this report.
  26. In Query System, provision made to specify any filtering value for the Optional Fields and other user-defined fields. Till now we could select only from the drop-down list of already entered data. It makes query more powerful as User can query on partial data also.
  27. In Query System, a new operator, Between (<>), has been provided along with other arithmetic operators like >, <, =>, =< and ><.
  28. Minor printing corrections in Delhi Form I.
  29. Minor changes in printing of Rajasthan VAT-10.
  30. U.P. Form XXIV, provision made to show / print either taxable purchases or unregistered purchases in column no. 8. Till now, unregistered purchases were being shown / printed.
  31. ER-1 reframed as per new format.
  32. In e-TDS return, an option ‘Is it a Revised Return’ was being asked but there was no impact of this option on the e-return being generated. Now this option has been removed.
  33. In TDS payment voucher, till now all pending TDS references were being shown for adjustment. Now references till the date of payment would be shown.
  1. While changing F.Y. and carrying balances for Changed and New Masters only, sometimes all the Changed Masters were not being carried to next year. Now problem rectified.
  2. In POS vouchers, Sales / Purchase Order Adjustment window was not appearing at the time of voucher saving. Now problem rectified.
  3. On pressing <F5> key during the voucher entry, vouchers of all the series were being shown. Now the vouchers of only the current series will be shown.
  4. Print Item Alias & Description field was not being shown in Printing Options window that appeared on pressing Print button while viewing the list of Inventory vouchers. Now problem rectified.
  5. Sometimes the amount of TDS shown in TDS Calculation window and the amount of TDS shown in the voucher were mismatched due to the rounding off of values. Now problem rectified.
  6. While printing Royalty Calculation report, sometimes an error “Could not locate Master Code=0” was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  7. In Account Monthly Summary for Account Group, on pressing <Enter>, wrong values were being displayed. Now problem rectified.
  8. In Bill-wise Statement report, the adjustment details of the references which have been adjusted fully was also being displayed even if the report was generated for un-cleared references only. Now problem rectified.
  9. In Client-Server mode, sometimes, slight difference in value of stock status appeared if viewed through stock status report and viewed during voucher entry. Now problem rectified. To correct this problem, User will have to run Administration --> Utilities --> Bulk Updations --> Update Master Balances utility.
  10. Inventory Summary --> Production / Stock Journal / Unassemble voucher reports, no details were being shown on pressing <Enter> key in the Qty. column. Now problem rectified.
  11. In Sales Analysis report, Item details were being shown in Main quantity only even if the report was generated for Alternate quantity. Now problem rectified.
  12. In Columnar Sales / Purchase Register, if no columns were defined then an error “Error in Query” was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  13. In Columnar Sales / Purchase Registers, all the values were being displayed as positive values. Now they will be displayed as per the debit / credit aspect.
  14. While printing Consolidated Item Summary in Alternate unit, the total quantity in Alternate unit was not being printed. Now problem rectified.
  15. While viewing Trading Excise --> Form- 2 report, totals of Edu. Cess, SHE Cess and SED were not being displayed. Now problem rectified.
  16. If Excise duty was being calculated on some percentage of Items Nett Amount and multiple Items fed in the voucher, then the vale of item-wise BED was not being calculated properly in RG-1 register. Now problem rectified.
  17. While printing Combined VAT Registers, date was going out of space and was getting printed in two lines. Now problem rectified.
  18. Exempted Items entered in Multi-tax Vouchers were being reflected in U.P. Annexure A. Now problem rectified.
  19. In Column 14(2) of U.P. VAT XXIV, all input VAT adjustments were not being shown. Now problem rectified.
  20. In TDS payment window, an error ‘Overflow’ was being generated when the pending references were more than 32,000. Now problem rectified.
  21. In Client-Server mode, sometimes the value of Closing Stock on weighted average basis was being calculated wrongly. Now problem rectified. User will have to run ‘Update Master Balances’ utilities to correct the previous wrong values.
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