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What's New Ver. 3.6 (d)
Major Changes
  1. Provision made to feed Item Sr. Nos. installation details and track warranty from the date of installation also. Provided Administration -> Utilities -> Misc. Data Entry menu.
  2. In Bill Sundry Master, option provided to auto round-off the bill sundry amount in vouchers.
  3. Provision made to specify formula in document designing.
  4. New colour scheme implemented to improve the readability of data. Subsequently, the colour scheme will be made fully user-configurable.
  5. In Settlement options, provision made to save settlement details over and above the party details. Till now, the party was not being saved and only the settlement account was being saved.
  6. In Data checklist, the original amount of the modified vouchers would also be shown. The amount shown would be lump-sum amount of voucher only without any item-wise or account-wise details.
  7. The Account / Item drop-down list in vouchers has been made configurable. Now, apart from the Name/Alias of the master, provision made to show following details also:
    • Alias with Name & Vice versa
    • Current Balance / Stock
    • Item MRP / Sales Price
    • Parent Group Name / Alias
    • Master Optional Fields
    The same can be configured through Admin -> Configuration Master -> Configuration.
  8. New screen report interface implemented with following options:
    • Complete report will be loaded in grid with option to drag the pointer on right side to scroll through the complete report.
    • Option to resize the columns of the report and the new sizes would be picked up automatically when the report is generated next time.
    • Option to sort report on any column by just clicking on it. Report can be sorted both in ascending & descending order.
    • Option to search any data in the report with flexible search options.
    • Option to filter report on various parameters.
    Currently this interface is available only in few reports (Account Books) and will be available for all reports later on.
New Reports
  1. Item Serial No-wise profitability & Ageing reports.
  2. Items Parameter-wise profitability & Ageing reports.
  3. Chandigarh VAT e-Return
  4. UP Form-26.
  5. Gujarat VAT e-Return (Form 205).
  6. UP VAT/CST/Entry Tax Payment Challan Form-I.
  7. Rajasthan / UP / Gujarat e-Return as per new formats. Now these e-Returns will be generated using the templates provided by government. For the convenience of Users, these templates would be provided in BUSY CD also.
  8. Columnar Parameterised Stock Status report with provision for different columns for different parameter values. User can configure own formats or use auto format.
Minor Changes
  1. Minor changes in West Bengal Form-1 & Form-14.
  2. In Item batch adjustment during sales, the alternate unit conversion factor was being picked from Item master. Now it will be picked on the basis of main & alternate units used in that batch.
  3. In Brokerage Calculation report, the amount on which the brokerage was being calculated was the taxable amount of voucher. Now brokerage will be calculated on cost of goods for that voucher.
  4. On clicking on Master/Voucher images during data entry, the images were being shown in a predefined size. Now the image will be shown in original size.
  5. In Account / Inventory registers, provision made to generate report for One Party, Group of Parties, All Parties or Selected parties. Also, provision made to print register either party-wise or voucher-wise.
  6. In Outstanding analysis reports / payment reminder letters, provision made to filter report on the basis of pending amount.
  7. The Party-Item Price / Discount Structure configuration screen has been redesigned to provide more space in Item Name field.
  8. In RG23A-1 register, provision made to print ECC code also.
  9. Provision made to configure the caption / title to be used for Broker & Brokerage.
  10. In Currency Conversion multiplier, decimal places changed from 3 to 6.
  11. In DVAT-30, provision made to show Exempted Purchases in ‘Others’ column.
  12. In Party-wise columnar Sales analysis with auto columns configuration, provision made to generate report for Group of Items also. Till now the report was being generated for All Items only.
  13. In User rights configuration, provision made to Allow / Disallow export of reports.
  14. If SMS were sent to multiple parties through any report (like Payment Reminder), the status of SMS sent was not being shown after the completion of report. Now it will be shown.
  15. in case of direct SMS, provision made to pick mobile no. & message from MS-Excel.
  16. In Configurable document formats, provision made to specify the default output mode as Print / E-mail / SMS.
  17. Minor changes in TDS reports to accommodate 20-character cheque no. field.
  18. Provision to show Deductee Address & PAN No. in TDS Dedcution Details reports.
  19. A new field <SETTLEMENT_DET_PARTY> added in Invoice configuration. This field will print the amount debited to party in that voucher.
  20. In Pure Inventory Vouchers listing (Production, Stock Journal etc.), showing value of Items has been made optional. Till now, the value of items was always being shown.
  21. In Sales Tax Surcharge option, caption for the same has been changed to Surcharge / Add. Tax as required in the state of Gujarat & UP.
  22. In Housekeeping menu, two more options Update Master Balances & Regenerate Master Help Files.
  23. In Item-wise Gross Profit report generated for all Material Centres, Stock Transfer entries will not be picked.
  24. While specifying Sales/Purchase Account in voucher, only the accounts under Sales / Purchase group were available. Now all accounts would be available.
  25. In Punjab VAT-24, option added to Club Retail Purchases.
  26. In Update Item Tax Rate utility, option added to change existing tax rates from one tax rate to another tax rate.
  27. In VAT/CST Payment details, the field size for challan no. increased from 8 characters to 10 characters.
  28. While generating Excise Return ER-1/ER-3, if the Adjust Excise Amount voucher was not posted for that period, then the return was not being generated properly. Now, if this voucher was not found, then a message will pop up intimating the User about the same.
  29. In Trial Balance / Stock Status Hierarchical report, option provided to generate report for Group of Account / Item.
  30. In Company configuration, option to update Purchase/Sales price in Item Master has been removed. Now, new option has been provided in pricing mode to pick last Sales / Purchase price of Items.
  31. In Item Master, tax rate configuration was very complicated with lot of options which are ir-relevant in VAT regime. Now, the configuration has been made simple with option to specify default tax & surcharge rate for local and central transactions.
  32. VAT Surcharge configuration has been revamped to make it much simpler.
  33. Provision made to enable VAT surcharge at the time of company creation also. Till now, it was available through Features / Options only.
  34. In Sale/Purchase Type masters, in case of Multi-Tax, VAT Bill sundry was being asked which was confusing. Now VAT account would be asked.
  35. In Item-wise Serial Number tracking with auto numbering, the auto numbers were being generated in case of Sales Return also. Now, in case of Sales Return the serial number would be in manual mode only.
  36. Provision in Rajasthan VAT reports to take care of VAT% change from 12.5 to 14.
  37. In UP Form-24, tax on unregistered purchase will take care of surcharge also.
  38. In Standard Invoice configuration, more options provided in body configuration part to take care of discount / tax related fields.
  39. In UP Entry Tax, till now only a single tax rate was being asked in company configuration. Now provision made to specify Item-wise Entry Tax Rate. All related reports have been changed accordingly.
  40. Provision made to track VAT surcharge payment and its reflection in various VAT reports.
  41. In Receipt / Payment Advice and other related document configuration, a new field <PARTY_MOBILE_NO> has been added.
  42. In Sale / Purchase Analysis Reports, provision made to show either Sales Only / Sales Return Only / Nett Sales / Both Sales or Sales Return. Till now, both Sales & Sales Return were being shown.
Bugs Removed
  1. In Party-wise Sales VAT Summary with option Club Retail Sales set to ‘Y’, 4% transactions were being reflected in 12.5% slab. Now problem rectified.
  2. In RG23A-1 Register, closing qty. of items, having zero transactions and some opening qty., was being shown as zero. Now problem rectified.
  3. While cancelling any Receipt Voucher in single entry mode, an error Invalid Amount (Sr. No. 1) was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  4. In Purchase Invoice, tax summary being printed at the bottom was printing Sales instead of Purchase. Now problem rectified.
  5. Even if the data was frozen in any financial year, it was possible to carry balances from any previous year. Now problem rectified.
  6. In Delivery Note / Goods Receipt Note printing, free qty. was not being reflected separately. Now problem rectified.
  7. Minor problems rectified in sending e-mails through screen reports / print reports / direct mail.
  8. Once a report exported to pdf format and then printed in DOS mode from the same screen, the same was getting printed in windows mode only. Now problem rectified.
  9. In Inventory Monthly Summary report, value of items was not being shown. Now problem rectified.
  10. While printing Payment Reminder Letter with pending bills details and optional fields, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  11. While carrying pending Item Sr. Nos. to next financial year, in a few cases the Sr. Nos. were not being carried over properly. Now problem rectified.
  12. If Item-wise Sr. No. Tracking was enabled and Sr. Nos. were being generated automatically, the Sr. Nos. were not being generated properly if the date type was Nepali. Now problem rectified.
  13. While exporting screen reports in pdf format, the header was not being exported properly. Now problem rectified.
  14. If both Item-wise Discount & Free Qty. were enabled then <LISTPRICE_GRAND_TOTAL> field was not printing correct value in invoice. Now problem rectified.
  15. If a User did not have the rights to create Masters then he/she was not able to create Notes Category in Notes Manager. Now problem rectified.
  16. If Item Free Qty. report was generated with value of items, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  17. If Allocate Expense to Items option was enabled in company configuration then in case of UP state, this option was not being shown properly in Account Master. Now problem rectified.
  18. If both, Batch-wise & Challan, were enabled in a company, then, while printing any Sales Invoice having a single item repeated more than once, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  19. In Party-Item Ledger printing, sometimes the closing balance was being printed properly. Now problem rectified.
  20. Minor corrections in Batch Adjustment Wizard.
  21. If any colour was used in document designing then an error was being generated in preview of that document. Now problem rectified.
  22. While importing Sales / Purchase Challan (Material Issue / Receipt voucher) or Sales / Purchase Order from MS-Excel, the Challan / Order References were not being created automatically. Now references would be created automatically.
  23. Restricting data entry for a user to a particular Material Centre, entry for all other users was also getting restricted. Now problem rectified.
  24. E-mailing any report immediately after sending SMS, an error Type Mismatch was being generated. Now problem rectified.
  25. If Bank Re-conciliation was disabled for a User in User Rights controls, it was not getting disabled in main menu. Now problem rectified.
  26. In POS data entry mode, item MRP was not being picked up from Item Master. Now problem rectified.
  27. While generating an Invoice from Challan and picking item details from partially adjusted Challan having Free Qty, sometimes the free qty. details were not being picked properly. Now problem rectified.
  28. In VAT Purchase register, the value of VAT in Purchase Return voucher was not being shown with minus sign thus disturbing the total of VAT amount. Now problem rectified.
  29. Batch/Serial No. details printing in invoice, the details were not being carried over to next page properly. Now problem rectified.
  30. Excise Return ER-1/ER-3, the details of payment in PLA register was not being shown properly. Now problem rectified.
  31. If the no. of pending references (Batch / Bill) for a single Item / Account being carried over to next FY were more than 1000, then only 1000 references were being carried over. Now problem rectified.
  32. Importing vouchers from Excel, having Item alias and not Item Name, were not being imported properly. Now problem rectified.
  33. In case of voucher modification, the current balance of Accounts / Items shown during data entry was not correct. Now problem rectified.
  34. If the closing stock value is changed in Cur FY and then changing FY with option to carry only the Changed / New Masters balance, the value of closing stock was not being carried over to next FY. Now problem rectified.
  35. In UP Form XXIV, while calculating tax on unregistered purchases, the surcharge on VAT was not being considered. Now problem rectified.
  36. In VAT Summary report with Surcharge enabled, pressing <Enter> key was not working properly in a few columns. Now problem rectified.
  37. <Alt + O> & <Alt + P> keys were not working in POS mode. Now problem rectified.
  38. In batch-wise reports printing, the Grand Total column was not properly aligned. Now problem rectified.
  39. In Parameterised Stock data input, sometimes an error message “Qty. Adjusted is not equal to the Qty. to be Adjusted” was being shown at the time of coming out of parameterised stock details windows, without any reason. Now problem rectified.
  40. In Standard Invoice configuration, enabling the printing of GR No. would print the Transporters Details and vice versa. Now problem rectified.
  41. In Configurable VAT registers printing, vouchers were not being sorted voucher no. wise. Now problem rectified.
  42. In Sales/Purchase against challan, excise duty window was being popped up but the details were not being reflected in RG-1 & ER-1. Now excise duty window will not pop up in case of Sales/Purchase against challan (Excise duty details for these transactions should be routed through the respective Material Issue/Receipt vouchers only).
  43. Merged Stock Ledger, if generated for both main & alternate units, the value of alternate unit was not being shown properly. Now problem rectified.
  44. In Trading Excise Form-2, purchases corresponding to sales were not being shown in one to one correspondence to sales voucher. Now problem rectified.
  45. Sales / Purchase against challan was not being reflected in few VAT reports. Now problem rectified.
  46. Minor corrections in following VAT reports
    • Andhra Pradesh CST Form VI
    • UP CST Form-1
    • Punjab / Chandigarh VAT 15/20
    • Rajasthan Form-10
    • Delhi DVAT-16
    • Gujarat Form 201, 201A & 205
    • Himachal Pradesh Form XV
    • MP Form-10
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