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BUSY Enterprise Solution

Although most of the requirements of a business organisation are met by using the standard BUSY software, some organisations do have certain specific requirements that are not available in standard BUSY. For such organisations, BusyWin (Windows-based BUSY) offers the possibility of customisation. The customisation could be in terms of:

  • Generation of some Organisation-specific Report / MIS
  • Generation of Organisation-specific Data Entry Screens

Such a solution, consisted of a standard BusyWin coupled with the customised software developed as per the requirement of the organisation, is termed as BUSY Enterprise Solution.

To understand the concept of the same, we will first have to understand the architecture of BusyWin.

BusyWin (BUSY 3.0) has been designed using three-tier architecture.

First tier is the front-end. This tier accepts inputs from the user and gives the desired reports.

Second tier is business logic that is invoked by the front-end (first tier) to write or read data from the databases.

Third tier is the actual databases where the data is stored.

Now, if an organisation wants a customised Report / MIS or Data Entry Module, that is not provided in Standard BusyWin, the same can be developed by any third party software developer using the functions provided in the second tier of BusyWin. To maintain the integrity of databases, direct access to BUSY databases is not allowed.

Future Roadmap

The concept of BUSY Enterprise Solutions is still in the initial phase, though we have already done some prestigious projects. A broad roadmap for us from here would be as below:

  1. Build a detailed document on functions provided by the second tier of BUSY.
  2. Build a community of software developers, who can customise BUSY and deliver BUSY Enterprise Solutions. Such developers would be called BUSY Certified Developers.
  3. Identify partners with capability of delivering BUSY Enterprise Solutions. Such partners would be called BUSY Solution Partners. Such partners would also be encouraged to write standard utilities around BUSY. These utilities, after due testing and quality control, would also be promoted through BUSY Channel Partners.
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